Shinobi Platoons

Rising Spirit follows a different model than canon for establishing teams of Shinobi, organizing teams into larger units. While technically the function of these platoons are for engaging in warfare, they play a larger part in the lifestyle of shinobi. Each platoon has four genin, two chunin, and one jonin.

All shinobi are assigned a platoon, even though some may predominantly work in auxiliary positions such as the medical corps. Platoons themselves are not specialized in any particular way, typically put together to handle a wide number of circumstances. Specialists may sometimes be pulled from multiple platoons to get a certain job done, but in day to day affairs each lower shinobi has a jonin that is ultimately responsible for keeping them accounted for.

Note: Characters can do missions and training with other people in the village outside of their platoon. The intent of this document is to explain what the norm is and how rank claim positions function in the big picture.

Genin, or junior ninja, make up the rank and file of a shinobi platoon. The genin rank is predominantly made up of inexperienced shinobi, although there are also more experienced shinobi who have not been promoted for various reasons among them. Genin are able to perform D-Rank missions in pairs. Important!: rank has nothing to do with age and everything to do with responsibilities. The majority of a village's military will actually be Genin. To that end, it is actually common to see adult Genin.

Chunin, or journeyman ninja, have been entrusted with leadership responsibilities and are qualified to watch over and guide junior ninja. Chunin oversee day to day training of genin and ensure that low level missions are being completed. A chunin can pair up with a genin to complete C-Rank missions, or two chunin can work together on a B-Rank mission. An experience chunin with mastery over a particular subject may become a direct consultant to the kage, earning a promotion known as Special Jonin. Special Jonin still follow the directives of jonin. A rank claim is required to play a chunin.

Jonin, or Elite Ninja, are the commanders of their platoon and answer to the kage. They are ultimately responsible for the development and well being of the team, which they must also balance with the villages demands for income. A jonin can typically complete A-Rank missions with backup from a chunin, including Black Ops to hunt missing ninja. A rank claim is required to play a jonin.

An Aside: Conducting the four-person missions typically seen in the series is very difficult to do in a play-by post setting. Most missions will only call for pairs. You are always welcome to do things in larger groups if you would like!